White Fortress

We strive to fill a niche in the Christian Gaming Industry (yet accessible to all) that is rather empty. It is a challenging game in its own right to find excellent games with a Christian emphasis.
We value the role of Christ within all our priorities including our main focus which is deep stories that people can engage with. Much like the parables that Jesus used to teach those who could see it, we see games as a way to share the essential truths with those willing to hear. 
We also realize the need for great graphics, gameplay and design. And by exploring unique ideas and creativity in the gameplay itself we can fill a niche for the gamer just looking to have a little bit of innovative fun.
We want to create a unique experience all around and hope that the messages we want to share are neither lost nor that they overshadow the joy of the game itself. Game-on!

Creativity at work

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You are the reason White Fortress exists.  We want to make it clear that quality gameplay and entertainment can occur while encouragement to goodness and faithfulness can coexist.  We hope that the message of the moral and spiritual truths that Jesus taught would permeate throughout our work.  

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